October Spooky TBR

As it’s officially the first day of Halloween I thought I’d collect my reading list for October and share that on here. I’ve branched out to a wider range of genres this month, even straying away from fiction. I’ve also kept a specific theme for reading, honing in on the spooky, mystical and at some […]

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Summer coat

Like a super weird polar bear I explored some gardens a while back and encountered some giant plants (Gunnera) and took a few photos. This is that. As I write this I am sweating more than I ever remember doing last summer. I promise the post will be better than that image however. I originally […]

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Cottage Witch

So sometimes I like to go into the woods on my days off and pretend to be a witch. I’ve never actually practised witchcraft but I do find myself drawn to the magic of the idea and can’t help but write many stories about witches. I recently stumbled upon the term ‘cottage witch’ whilst researching […]

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