Cottage Witch

So sometimes I like to go into the woods on my days off and pretend to be a witch.


I’ve never actually practised witchcraft but I do find myself drawn to the magic of the idea and can’t help but write many stories about witches. I recently stumbled upon the term ‘cottage witch’ whilst researching a creative project and fell in love with the idea of it. Don’t quote me on this as I am by no means an expert but from what I have read it seems to be a witch who uses magic in the kitchen and home. They have a focus on using edible ingredients like using lavender in a drink for peace or by adding herbs like basil to cleaning products to bring prosperity to the home. The idea of everyday magic really appeals to me, I guess it’s that magical realism idea of not proving it doesn’t exist but not having to prove it does.


Picture some Lenard Cohen playing as wander about the woods collecting things and generally being a child as usual.



Enjoy whatever everyday magic comes your way and expect more obsession about witches to come from me.

Dress – New Look

Shoes – Jones

Choker – Topshop

Scarf – Pull & Bear

Sweet Tweet Mushroom2



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