Summer coat

Like a super weird polar bear I explored some gardens a while back and encountered some giant plants (Gunnera) and took a few photos. This is that.


As I write this I am sweating more than I ever remember doing last summer. I promise the post will be better than that image however. I originally shot this on a particularly cold day and now it feels impossible to imagine ever wanting to adorn a large fluffy jacket. This coat is the most wonderful little thing on a cold day though. It has bear ears and deep pockets to hold all manner of things and although shipping took an age it cost me much less than the weird and wonderful thing should have.


If you’ve never heard of aliexpress then you’ve probably also never had an anime phase. But if, like me, at some point you wanted to wear some adorable Japanese street fashion you would have searched and stumbled upon the magical site. As it’s shipping from Asia you do need to allow a few weeks for parcels to arrive, but the price and surprising quality keeps me going back. Along with this coat I also am now the proud owner of a Pusheen plush and deer dress that makes me look even more like a kid.

Oh man, the possibilities are endless.


I’m currently hoarding some stationary in my cart, but keep taking myself out of 3am purchases of pretty paper and washi tape.

So, go wild and enjoy if you never have before.


*Security warning – I would advise that if a price seems too good to be true then expect that it’s not. Use your brain, be careful and you should be fine.

Soooo the link to the coat is crazy long an it wouldn’t work when I shortened it, but search for teddy bear coats and you will soon be wrapped in something soft and wonderful too.


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