Luna Lovegood

This one goes out to the kids who feel weird.

I have often found that people seem to admire differences in a character like Luna Lovegood, but can’t accept these differences in real people.

We’re all weird and strange and don’t fit in with everything, so when people allow themselves to show these qualities it should be understood. Everyone feels like a oddball at some point. Self-acceptance, which is hard enough to reach on your own, isn’t helped by other people questioning your actions, your choices and your feelings.

Luna Lovegood is loved for being unapologetically herself and everyone who reads about her admires that quality. Although what people love in a character isn’t reflected in how they treat others in real life. Know that in the book of your life, you’re loved. You’re admired. You’re different and that’s just fine.

Let a little weirdness come out.




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