Motel Rocks – Black Cosmos Dress

So I have been gone for a long time. Months, in fact. This is down to starting a new job and moving into a new flat, which kind of turns your life upside down for a little while. I’m trying to be an adult and organise myself though, so here I am with a new post!

I have been in love with this night sky dress from Motel Rocks for god knows how long and now I finally own it! Sparklers and streamers and stuff! It is so, so soft and the pattern is perfect, so what more could you want? It makes me feel like an urban witch ready to meet her badass coven whenever I wear it.

There’s so much good stuff at Motel Rocks and I managed to find a discount code that took a considerable amount off the standard price so check that out if you need an excuse to buy something. There might have to be a few more purchases on the way soon  (sorry wallet!).

star dress3

star dress4

Dress – Motel Rocks

Yellow denim jacket – H&M

Shoes – Vans

Necklaces – Pull & Bear

star dress5

star dresss


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